Discover Benefits of Inland Fish Farming

Inland fish farming is a rapidly growing industry. Because it is a more effective and environmentally friendly approach to providing customers with healthy food, most fishermen and fish farms are transitioning to inland fish farming employing RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) technology.

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Our Process

Okeanlux will guide you through all the steps and a process of inland fish farming.


We will send you a complete questionnaire to collect all the information needed for the feasibility study.


We will prepare a preliminary project plan and quote.

Detailed design

We will create a detailed technical design and supply information to the customer for a tender document that will be forwarded to suppliers.


All necessary infrastructure and technical support have been arranged. Personnel is recruited and trained at this period.


Once the facility is fully operational, we will continue to provide support and guidance on operations, system upgrades, and technology.

Our Services

Okeanlux offers a wide range of services.


We offer one of the best feeds on the market for rapid and healthy growth in fish, which is made entirely of natural materials.

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Sale of equipment

We sell the most efficient and environmentally-friendly equipment, such as recycled plastic fish tanks; we also customize structures and designs to meet customers’ needs.

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Training & research

We collaborate with researchers from universities to get the most up-to-date knowledge & information, as well as more expertise.

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Fish breeding, hatchery & growing

We recognize the significance of a healthy fish life cycle that starts with breeding (for the best fish eggs) and then moves onto hatcheries. We walk you through the entire process, starting with the fry and ending with the fish reaching the desired growth size.

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Fish processing

We suggest a variety of final fish processing (fresh or frozen, packed or flesh, prepared or row) and packaging (bulk, for wholesale and retail, for air freight, etc) options.

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RAS tech

Inland fish farms which use RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) are more efficient and environmentally friendly. RAS-based systems are attracting more and more attention from various investment organizations, including the EU government. RAS is thought to be a gamechanger in the future of inland fish farming.

RAS benefits:


Reduces the risk of disease contamination

No antibiotics or disease treatments are used

Water movement in the rearing tanks allows the growers to exercise the fish

Faster time from water to plate and lower transportation costs

Greatly reduces water pollution from feed, feces, and chemical waste

RAS allows for year-round harvesting and faster growth to commercial size

Higher feed conversion

Simplified scheme:

Mechanical filter
BIO filter
Water supply pump
Oxygen cone
Fish tanks
Fish tanks
Fish tanks

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