Fish breeding, hatchery and growing

Breeding is the process of selecting characteristics in fish, such as rapid growth. Hatchery operators who exercise caution are responsible for successful breeding: they maintain genetic diversity and sometimes perform periodic out-crosses with wild populations.

The principal function of the hatchery is to allow growers to control the life cycle of fish, from egg to adult, and back to egg again. Fast growth, increased meat yield, specific colour, disease resistance, and shell form are all features that most hatcheries look for when choosing broodstock. Land-based salmonid hatcheries and smolt rearing facilities commonly use flow-through tank technology to produce smolts.

With our services, you will obtain the highest quality fish eggs, smolt, or small fish for growing purposes. When it comes to fish eggs, the key aspect to consider are the parents’ genes, which are immune to the majority of diseases. When dealing with smolts or small fish it is essential that their growing environment resembles the one in which they were raised.