Sale of equipment

Our collaboration with diverse partners from various industries allows us to give the most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to our customers, such as fish tanks made of recycled plastic. It is a robust, long-lasting material that is light and easily portable to any location on the planet.

Tanks with a diameter of up to 9 meters and a height of up to 5 meters can be assembled using standard sections with customized joints. Additionally other products also could be made from that plastic – pipes, filters, etc.

A building


We can also provide extremely fast construction using a tensioned fabric structure that can be customized to a customer’s particular specifications and design needs. Fabric membrane buildings with a modular design can quickly adapt to changing needs and are simple to reconfigure, disassemble, and relocate. It may be considered as a temporary building structure, necessitating less effort in obtaining a building permit.

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Solar panel

In cooperation with a European solar panels manufactory company SoliTek we can solve rising prices of electricity. 

We recommend a flagship product – BLACKSTAR solar panel- it is a part of SOLID glass glass panel series. At the core of this innovative product lie 3 major elements: 

  • Bifacial monocrystalline solar cells  
  • Premium tempered glass  
  • Flawless industrial design 

BLACKSTAR solar panel is different, because of exceptional industrial design. Yes, and the solar cells absorb the light from the back, too.  

BLACKSTAR panels are designed for even roughest cold, hot, windy and salty environments, they are 100% fireproof (class A) and totally recyclable. We have thoroughly tested and selected all our parts & materials suppliers. Because even the strongest chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

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